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Endless Roads

by Said And Done

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We’re on the road Feeling free It’s so unreal I Feel alive INTO THE DISTANCE THE UNKNOWN INTO THE DISTANCE THE ENDLESS ROADS Explore the world A thousand miles Day and night Both passed me by The times we’ve shared We won’t forget Sleep on your floor While we’ve just met It made me grow FOREVER IN MY MIND Looking back, at those days I hold ‘em so dear FOREVER IN MY MIND ------------------------------------------ Being packed together in a van, exploring the world. Those are the best times we have as a band for sure. No feeling of time, no pressure. Just driving into the distance, into the unknown. If you ever went on the road with a couple of friends you know what we’re talking about. That feeling of total freedom. This one goes out to everyone that we did meet on the road.
Empty Soul 03:24
You can promise me the world, it won’t mean a thing I’m already aiming low, I’m not asking much I’ve had enough of you, I should have known You fail me, let me down, times and time again I DON’T WANT TO SEE, I DON’T WANT TO FEEL, YOUR EMPTY EYES I DON’T WANT TO HEAR, I DON’T WANT TO READ, YOUR EMPTY WORDS You always talk so much, but never say a thing Your words mean shit to me, you’re an empty soul LET ME DOWN I FORGIVE, I FORGET TO BE LET DOWN AGAIN ---------------------------------------- We all know these people. Be it politicians making empty promises or even close friends letting you down time and time again. You draw a line, enough is enough. But in the end you’ll forgive them, you’ll forget about it and move on. To be dissapointed yet again…
Rearrange 02:58
My life’s like a boat on open sea No wind in the sails, just floating around I’m not drowning, I’m still in control Yet I keep thinking, where does it lead me? I KNOW, I KNOW, GOTTA REARRANGE I KNOW, I KNOW, THINGS GOT TO CHANGE I gotta put meaning to my words No more stalling, times are changing I KEEP RUNNING INTO THE SAME WALLS OVER AND OVER AGAIN ----------------------------------------- Ever reflected upon your life and got the feeling it’s not really moving forward? Not like there’s anything wrong or something, just the lack of progression? Right. I often wonder what life’s got in store for me and where it will lead me… The thing is, instead of wondering about that we should just take matters into our own hands and direct our lives the way we want it. I know I have to rearrange, I know things have to change. This is my mantra, to activate myself.
Leave those old footsteps, find your way home Break out of these chains, set yourself free Mind over matter, true strength that’s inside Take control over your mind, take control of your life DON’T FOLLOW BLINDLY THINK FOR YOURSELF DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND Don’t believe everything, no matter where it’s from Reconsider and think it through, find your own truth No need for a show, just be yourself Don’t fear what they think, just speak your mind I want to know I want to learn What’s on your mind -------------------------------------------- Think for yourself, make your own choices. It seems so simple, but in reality most of us are simply following footsteps. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion, to do things your own way, no matter what people might think of you. Always speak your mind. Discuss. It’s not going to hurt. We might even learn something from each other.
Everyday, it’s all the same Marching along We’re all pawns in this game Stuck in a groove OUR LIVES ARE ON REPEAT I FEEL CAUGHT IN THE CYCLE Going down that road again Walking in line We’re all slaves to this world Day in, day out Ghosts of the past are catching up Tomorrow will become yesterday These days aint new to me This life is on repeat ----------------------------------------- “What days is today?” How many times do you get that question or even ask it yourself? Some rhythm/order in your life is a great thing, but you know you crossed the line when each day starts to feel the same. When it starts to feel like a broken record, stuck in it’s groove. 9 to 5, day in, day out. Our society is build around that cycle. I cherish the opportunity to break out of it now and then to jam with the band or go to a show or something like that. To feel alive.
Isolation 03:51
THE WALLS WE HAVE BUILD KEEP ON CLOSING IN ISOLATION, THE GROWING DISTANCE DESOLATION, WE’RE TRAPPED INSIDE Can’t you feel, we’re slipping away We turn a blind eye to the world We stopped caring Take of the blindfold Relight our fire Reconnect with the world ISOLATION DESOLATION ----------------------------------------- It’s a strange contradiction… We are more connected than ever before these days, with all our technology, but at the same time we’ve never been further away from each other. We’re getting more and more individualistic every day. A good development? I don’t know…


Released as a 7" and MCD in 2008 on Shield Recordings. The 7" features 4 tracks, the MCD has all 6 of them.


released June 7, 2008


all rights reserved



Said And Done Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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