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by Said And Done

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I don’t wanna witness your downfall But you’re throwing it all away Your world is coming down And you’re the one to blame I just can’t understand Time for you to face yourself To think it over and make a change You’ve got to turn it all around Full speed ahead To better days Full speed ahead To better ways ------------------------------------ This one’s about people close to you, those who should rethink their life and the direction it’s going. Downhill fast. Talk to them. Hopefully they see the light soon, close off that period in their lives and move forward. To better days.
I'll Be Fine 01:51
You’ve all been there before Told them a thousand times They just can’t understand What it means to you I’ll be fine THIS IS MY WORLD, MY LIFE I’LL BE FINE THIS IS MY WAY, MY DRIVE I’LL BE FINE They just don’t wanna see Why you’re into this Cause they’ll never share What makes it worth living for You don’t have to worry ABOUT ME I’m not wasting time NOT WASTING TIME I don’t care what you think I don’t care what you say I don’t care what you’ll do I’ll be fine --------------------------------------- You all know those moments, explaining people why you’re into hardcore, what it means to you. Why you put some many hours into your band, your zine, your label or whatever, without getting paid a lot. Sometimes they don’t care, sometimes they just don’t understand. Doesn’t matter, we’ll be fine. We love this, it’s our life.
Worlds Apart 02:04
You and I, we share the same blood Yet we’re so far apart These walls, I can’t break em down And I probably never will WORLDS APART You keep pushing me away But I’ll keep on trying Things will never change You just don’t understand ----------------------------------------- Sharing blood with someone doesn’t mean you’re sharing ideals/opinions as well. Someone can be really close to you in a way, but at the same time there’s a big distance. Two totally different worlds, so close yet so far.
Controlled 02:03
Just look around and tell me what you see People in fear, too afraid to live their lives They keep on feeding you all these lies Until you accept them as the truth WE’RE ALL CONTROLLED CONTROLLED BY FEAR WE’RE ALL CONTROLLED CONTROLLED BY LIES They’ll try to break down your spirit and your will For your leaders, you’ll walk in line You’re just a number, that’s all you are Corrupt religions, control your mind WE’VE – GOT – TO – BREAK – OUT We’ve got to break out We’ve got to leave it all We’ve got to break out It’s out of control ----------------------------------------------- The government, police, religion, the media etc, we’re all controlled one way or another. Feeding us fear through the media, walking in line. We’re just numbers, pawns in a bigger game. Use your head, look around, think about it.
Overcome 02:34
When everybody tries to bring you down You just keep your head up Believe in yourself and what you stand for You’ll find your way out I’LL OVERCOME Everything in my way I’LL OVERCOME Anything holding me down When it all gets too much And the walls are closing in Just stay true to yourself And remember Better times are ahead NO MORE ------------------------------------ We all have problems, big or small. Just remember there’s light at the end of the tunnel. There’s always a way out, no matter what. Never give up, keep believing in yourself.
Sometimes I just can’t Take it anymore In this iron age Nobody seems to think They just don’t seem to care And it’s driving me insane Feels like I’m wasting my time And it’s driving me insane It’s all been said So many times before But we can’t give up It’s time for a change THINK BEFORE YOU ACT YOU GOTTA USE YOUR HEAD -------------------------------------------- People are getting dumber by the day it seems. Stuff gets dumbed down because otherwise people can’t understand. Our attention span gets less and less. People don’t want to read anymore. Everything has to be fast, flashy, short. Hell, kids don’t even seem to care about the lyrics, the message in hardcore anymore. If you’re reading this you’re not of them. Thanks.
Everyday 02:04
From the day we are born Until the day we die We keep on learning every day Making mistakes While trying to break free We’ve got to stand on our own EVERYDAY WE STILL LEARN Falling down And getting up again Learning from every mistake Sometimes it will be hard But in the end We’re all here to learn ---------------------------------------- We all make mistakes. Again and again, every day. We just have to learn from them. Learning from your mistakes, that’s life right there.
Let It Rain 01:28
My world is coming down Everything fades to black Locked up in a train of thought There’s no end in sight LET IT RAIN Can’t see where I’m going Will this ever end? Trying to reach out But darkness overcomes I NEED TO GET OUT Make it stop, let it rain Let it all go away ------------------------------------------------ Know that feeling, when everything seems to go wrong, when the walls are closing in? When you try to get over it, to work it out, but you fail again and again. This song’s about that feeling, when you just want everything to go away. Rain symbolizes that for me. Just remember, there will be sunshine in the end.
Reflections 01:44
Today I’m looking back Looking back at my past The choices that I made The things I did WE’RE ALL SEARCHING Searching for ourselves WE’RE ALL CHANGING You can’t hold it back I can’t look ahead Taking life as it comes I hope I’ll stay on track Only Time can tell We’ve got to find out We’ve got to look inside We’ve got to know who we are ----------------------------------------------- I’m pretty young, but I look back at my life (so far) a lot. I try to learn from the things I did in the past. Things I did right, things I did wrong. I’m constantly searching, trying to find out who I am.
Wake Up 01:17
I can’t close my eyes Pretend nothing’s wrong The world we live in It’s all coming down WE GOTTA WAKE UP WE GOTTA TRY WE GOTTA WAKE UP WE GOTTA FIGHT All the talk in the world It doesn’t change a thing Just some words passing by We’ve crossed the line Ignorance’s rising And we don’t seem to care at all ------------------------------------------ The world’s asleep, people just don’t care anymore. Wake up.
Time 02:01
I keep running To stay ahead I can’t beat time I’ll end up behind PRESSURE RELEASE People rush Through their lives Trying so hard To keep up the pace We need a pressure release But time keeps ticking TIME WONT GET ME DOWN Time will not Get the best of me I will not bend I will not break ----------------------------------------- The last song on the album I wrote lyrics for. I finished this the day before we entered the studio. Not hard to guess where the inspiration came from, right? Anyway, life these days is rushed. People are always busy, there’s never enough time. Pretty funny if you consider we invented ‘time’ ourselves.
No Balance 04:17
Everyday when I read the news I wonder where it all went wrong When did we draw these lines Why did we divide this world The gap between the rich and poor Is growing everyday BALANCE’S LOST Can we turn the tide? BALANCE’S LOST It all went wrong You think we should have learned Of all these years that have passed But it’s getting worse We all need to wake up And rebuild it all again Cause the end is near No balance in this world Where did it all go wrong? No balance in this world Can we turn the tide? ---------------------------------------------- While reading the paper, or watching the news, I often wonder what the hell happened. The world’s going down fast. If there ever was any balance, it’s completely gone these days. I wonder if we’re ever capable to turn the tide. I know that’s not a really positive thing to think, but I can’t help it.


Our debut CD/LP from 2007. The first actual release we did as Said And Done, after recording and putting online 2 promo songs (Overcome and I'll Be Fine). Featuring artwork by Nabbe The Bastard (Blind to Faith etc.).


released February 3, 2007


all rights reserved



Said And Done Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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