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Weight Of The World

by Said And Done

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Too much sorrow on your mind Life keeps dragging you down Yet you always try so hard I SEE YOU GETTING CRUSHED BY THE WEIGHT ON YOUR SHOULDERS YOU KEEP CARRYING YOUR HEAVY BURDEN A heavy soul with a restless mind Always going the extra mile Hope you know you’re not alone I see the life, slowly fading out of you Don’t try to carry the weight of the world I hate to see, see you fade away Don’t try to carry the weight of the world THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD ----------------------------------------------- This one’s for those people that always try their hardest, those who are always there for others, but for one way or another keep on struggling with their own life.
Third Wave 03:23
DROWN IN THIS WAVE FOLLOWING THE FLOCK Oh don’t think it’s over yet Just look around and see the breeding ground Unified by rules, grown out of control Riding with the wave now, trying to fit in We thought we learned But nothing changed You’re feeling safe in a crowd Afraid to be left out, to be alone Out with your freedom, forced into a mold You’d never thought you’d end up amongst the flock DON’T THINK YOU’RE DIFFERENT DON’T THINK YOU’RE DIFFERENT WE ALL FOLLOW THE FLOCK --------------------------------------------------------- This was written after seeing the movie “Die Welle” (or maybe you have seen “The Wave“?). For those of you who don’t (I do recommend it though), it’s about an experiment done by a teacher and his class called “Third Wave“. Whether it really happened or not is not that relevant, it’s the thought that counts. People are so easy to manipulate, we’ve seen that in WO II, but we cannot think that’s behind us now. We haven’t learnt. In the Netherlands at this moment for instance the right wing is getting bigger and bigger, with idiotic proposals that bare a close resemblance in ideology to the ones that brought so much pain and misery upon us in the 40′s… People don’t think, they just follow the loudest voice, the biggest group. The power of a group, of a mass can be quite dangerous.
Fit The Mold 03:13
Will we see what we’ve become When the mirrors re-appear We’re all on the outside Forgetting to look in WILL I SINK OR SWIM? WILL I FIT THE MOLD? Monkey see and monkey do Afraid to be cast out Absorb the billboard lies Slogans for the weak Walking contradictions All dressing the part A million faces All melting into one We’re all part of the jury Convicting every day We’re all judges Trying to mold the world We try to fit in Everybody wants to swim We’re no exception WE’RE ALL PART OF THE JURY You’re no exception TRYING TO MOLD THE WORLD I’m no exception WE’RE NO EXCEPTION ------------------------------------------------------- This is about you and me. About the world we live in. We all want to be a part of it, we all want to swim. No matter what people are saying, in the end we all want to be accepted. So we all fall for the same slogans, we all dress the part and we all judge each other in the blink of an eye. We all want to be different, yet we’re all the same. Just be aware of that, you and I, we’re no exception.
Burning 02:34
OUR WORLD IS BURNING WE’VE BEEN BLIND FOR TOO LONG OUR GREED IS RISING WE’RE MARCHING TO THEIR BEAT They kept telling you it’s alright No need to worry now Yet when the smoke disappeared Those vultures were long gone We chose to ignore all the signs that we´ve seen And now we’ll have to pay Where do we go now? We swallowed all their lies Will we wake up? There’s no more turning back And all we want is more We keep wanting more --------------------------------------------------- It’s mainly about the financial state the world is in at the moment. We kept wanting the sky, getting careless in the process. Trusting every word of those vultures, promising us the world. We’ll have to pay. We’ll have to wake up and rebuild.


released May 14, 2010

This 7" was released on Carry The Weight Records (UK). 500 copies were made. Featuring artwork by Sieb.


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Said And Done Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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