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Feel It EP

by Said And Done

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Feel It 02:56
I find it hard to fake a smile to play my part, to let it go Disable all I’ve learned Disable all I’ve feel CAN YOU HEAR, HEAR YOUR SOUL? IT’S SCREAMING OUT TO YOU CAN YOU FEEL, FEEL YOUR SOUL? IT’S BURNING INSIDE YOU Can you feel it? I keep searching for the light So much static, so much noise Can’t seem to focus, all I need is air Stop and feel Can you feel it? Can you hear it? The only thing that’s real Feel it Hear it ---------------------------------------- It’s a crazy world out there. We’re all caught in the rat race and we never stop.. to simply feel. To listen to ourselves. Try to let go for a second. Can you feel it?
Move in your tanks, move in your sons For more money or a god Throw your bombs, burn it all down Join the parade of the mindless clowns WE’LL NEVER LEARN IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN BLINDED BY GREED IT’S COMING DOWN THE ASH IS STILL BURNING THE SKY IS TURNING BLACK Why the hell can’t we never learn? Isn’t our past black enough? Why this path of self-destruct? Our bloodlust sickens me WHY? WE NEVER SEEM TO LEARN ----------------------------------------------- We should have learned by now. But apparently we’re born to destroy. All the warnings from the past, we just never seem to learn. It really sickens me.
Today 02:00
Do you know the feeling? A clear blue sky Nothing holding you back Today is yours NOTHING LASTS FOREVER DARK CLOUDS ARE SAILING IN EVERYTHING FADING TO BLACK A STORM IS SETTING IN Everything you just felt All slipping away Don’t let it bring you down Just hold on tight LET IT ALL COME DOWN SIT OUT THIS STORM IT WILL DIE DOWN ------------------------------------- You know that feeling of total bliss? Everything’s just right. Nobody’s going to stop you. Right. Once the tables are turned (and they will turn) you’ve got nowhere to hide. You can only wait and sit it out.


This 7" was originally released as a tape and 50 copies were made. Since it sold out pretty fast another 50 were made. Then in December 2009 "My Fist, Your Face" records decided to do a limited press of 200 copies on vinyl.


released December 26, 2009


all rights reserved



Said And Done Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

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